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As a child I prided myself on my “expansive” general knowledge and almost obsessively gathered information from sources such as films, newspapers, novels, history books, popular culture, art history, and even read encyclopaedias and dictionaries before going to bed. This thirst of information allows me to find inspiration in the mundane and the academic.

Having grown up in South Africa, I’ve always had an astute awareness of other cultures especially those that were unfamiliar. As a result, my designs are always about an amalgamation of elements or identities- merging experience with information and research. I enjoy playing with duality and juxtapose silhouettes, textures and proportion in a way that results in clothing that has a unique aesthetic, but quiet sensibility. 

I come from a family of seamstresses and knitters but what they did out of necessity, I do out of love, and my education at Parsons The New School of Design from 2009-2013 has equipped me with the skills to take this love further.

I learn, I observe and I design in New York City.